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Social Media

What’s in our wheelhouse?



Call it a cornucopia of values, a melting pot of experiences, or a symbol of your worldview and personality – a brand carries weight and that’s why a strong one is the cornerstone of any challenger business


These act as your virtual storefronts, and in many cases, are your core product. Work with our developers to create stellar systems that boast seamless usability, sleek designs, and top of class UX/UI solutions.


A strong online presence is tantamount to a successful communications strategy. From management and marketing to content production and influencer campaigns, our suite of services will make you a master of audience engagement.


Revolutionary products don’t arrest our attention. We rarely share a political manifesto or a pdf of your latest whitepaper. Crisp shots and engaging videos do a far better job, and in the digital age, visual assets reign supreme in the content consumption game.

We’re relentless, unconventional and take our work a little too seriously

But when your craft is your passion, that’s not a bad thing. What do you get when those crafts cover the broad spectrum of digital marketing, web/app development, social media solutions and branding?

A formidable marriage of high-tech services and dedicated professionals who execute world class campaigns.


Restive Creatives offers the in-house experience with all the benefits of an agency.


Featured Projects


Becoming a future-facing version of yourself requires bold and visionary moves – but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for fluid strategies. We want to grow your company alongside you like your own in-house creative and marketing department and empower you to move mountains without feeling anchored. You set the parameters. We take on your next project by force.

We’ve been told how our clients REALLY feel.

The Motion Mechanic

Trang Cess Nguyen

“I have worked with Cindy and the RC team for multiple projects, including a website makeover and event marketing for a seminar. RC goes above and beyond for customer service and quality. Would recommend for anyone who wants to take their creative projects to the next level!”


Luke Hampshire

“Cindy and the whole RC team are incredible. They’re able to take a very high level brief and deliver perfection time after time. At Airly we have seen immediate ROI on our investment and I’m so thrilled to commit long-term with the crew. It’s really like having your own in-house creative team.”


Richard Brownlow

“ The team at RC have gone further and worked hard to understand my product and business, the market I am in, and my customer base than any other agency I have ever dealt with. I highly recommend Restive Creatives, and greatly value our ongoing working relationship.”


Victoria Fox

“It was enjoyable to work with such a creative team who clearly love what they do. Nothing was too hard, or too outrageous. The video speaks for itself, just beautiful. I highly recommend working with this business - you will take away a moving piece of art that you can treasure forever.”

Healing by J

Jane Kim

“I initially planned to work with this company for 3 months and extended it to a 1 year contract straight away. I asked to target a specific clientele and they achieved it in 3-5 months. Their idea has now become very trendy in my area - everyone’s copying Healing by J. Amazingly creative!!! Thanks team!!!”

Indomie Australia

William Ho

“Cindy and her team are very passionate about their work and the product/ brand they work with. They can transform a simple product to the next level kind of product through their creativity. The team is very talented and we love the result/video they have produced for Indomie Australia! Will definitely have them onboard for other projects.”

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Collaborative Partnerships Over Fleeting Projects

Close friends do not keep each other in the dark, and the same can be said for great agencies. We use our ears, mouths and keyboards proportionately to make sure we are steering towards the same goals and never taking creative liberties. Becoming personally invested in projects is something we just cannot help, and it yields excellent results.

Far this seems to work for everyone! Our longevity with partners reflects the reciprocal nature of healthy working relationships and a commitment to churning out a lasting impact (rather than band-aid solutions).