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8 Architect


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Melbourne based boutique architecture firm 8 Architect is on a mission to “turn design rumours into beautiful composition tales”. This company operates as one of 4 subsidiary brands under the Masci Group master brand.


Being a subsidiary company of Masci Group, 8 Architect was born naturally and ready to make its mark. However, the company had not thoroughly researched its target market and defined its brand positioning, resulting in a lack of a sense of direction, purpose, and identity. This was hindering their growth, especially in an increasingly competitive and saturated market.


We conducted a customer experience journey with the founders and discovered that the majority of their clients are Chinese. One of the key elements to strong brand positioning is the ability to connect with the target audience on an emotional level. To help 8 Architecture’s brand image connect with their target market, we carefully studied Chinese culture and embedded relevant cultural features into the logo designs.


Colours are rich in meaning within the Chinese culture. Gold and red carry particularly significant value and symbolise nobility, wealth, luck, and happiness. Unity has always been at the country’s cultural core, a word which also shares a similar pronunciation to that of the words “round” or “circle”. Taking these characteristics into consideration, we created 5 different logo concepts and typography choices that not only reflect 8 Architect’s brand identity but also incorporate culturally significant elements of Chinese symbolism.

8 Architect Branding

From Masci Group


“From the outset, Angel and the team were super motivated and super energetic. There were never any problems and the team created something truly amazing that we absolutely love. Amazing team and leadership!”

Daniel Masci, Masci Group

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