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8 Architect


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Melbourne based boutique architecture firm, 8 Architect, aims to “turn design rumours into beautiful composition tales”. This company operates as one of the 4 subsidiary brands under the Masci Group master brand.


8 Architect already had a solid brand identity in place so we shifted our energy towards communicating their key messages through a new website. 8 Architect wanted a simple and sharp layout that was minimalistic yet unique, and we worked closely with them to get this balance just right. They were a new player in a packed field, so it was going to take some careful strategizing and planning to get their website noticed.


Our website development project began with a landscape analysis. We conducted user research and competitor analysis to understand the trends in the industry. We learnt that black and white were commonly adopted colour schemes amongst competitors. They often used monochromatic colour palettes in 3D designs which helped to play visual tricks; by giving the impression of negative space, they were able to direct the audience’s attention to the most important elements. We chose to heed our mantra and defy the norms because 8 Architect wanted their website to stand out. Our elegant colour palette and bespoke, intuitive design paid homage to the predominantly Chinese workforce at 8 Architect, incorporating their country’s cultural characteristics. Gold and Red were the final theme colours, symbolising good luck.


We developed a visually satisfying website that embodied the new 8 Architect brand identity. The website’s design was able to connect with the target audience – the Chinese market – on a deep emotional level, and it included an integrated bilingual feature to achieve the desired connection. We used well-structured UX design to simplify the website UI and further boost the site’s user-friendliness. This made navigation of the site more intuitive and helped clients to efficiently fulfil their needs.

From Masci Group


“From the outset, Angel and the team were super motivated and super energetic. There were never any problems and the team created something truly amazing that we absolutely love. Amazing team and leadership!”

Daniel Masci, Masci Group

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