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Our Philosophy

A two-way street mentality

We’re here to push boundaries. We’re not a fan of red tape. We listen to industry wisdom, but we’re not your run-of-the-mill agency.


We’re here to make an impact. It’s our business to become fast friends with you and your colleagues. We work in tandem with your team, and take a thorough look under the hood. We want to know how your business runs.


“No one compares to an employee, but we will come close.” Working with us is like:

  • having a colleague you hate admitting is always right
  • having an idea you swear was on the tip of your tongue
  • having a genie that bugs you (but gives you unlimited wishes)

Restive (adjective)

Unable to keep still, especially because of impatience, dissatisfaction or boredom.


In creative terms, this refers to brands that don’t settle for anything less than the best.


Agencies that won’t compromise on quality. Savvy designers, marketers, and tech innovators who chase originality and innovation over what’s accepted industry practice.


When agencies and brands like this collide, magic happens. That’s where you and us come in.


Restive Creatives transforms inspirational brands into global forces. However, this is dependent on whether you’re content with waiting to achieve your goals, or if you’re itching to reach them sooner. We work with brands that want to make things happen.

Angel Cindy

“aka ‘Rebel at Heart.”

“I have nothing in common with lazy people who blame others for their lack of success. Great things come from hard work and perseverance. No excuses.” – Kobe Bryant

Walking into a male-dominated industry can be daunting. However, it’s not frightening if you’re a capable, assertive, the-sky-is-the-limit thinker who chases total success with every fibre of your being.


These core tenets of Restive Creatives come directly from Angel Cindy, our founder. Angel has carved out her reputation by producing high-calibre content and going the extra mile in everything she does.


In exchange for her clear determination and flair for digital marketing, she’s built an enviable network of long-term clients who are reputable industry players and forward-thinkers.


Angel’s entrepreneurial story begins with a career in creative direction, paired with her lifelong desire to have a social impact. These two aspects of her life have always guided her work ethic. Restive Creatives positions itself as a hub of creative inspiration by mentoring talented graduates. RC feeds off the energy of fresh minds eager to test industry norms and seize opportunities to innovate and go beyond the limits of digital marketing.


Restive Creatives has set itself apart from traditional agencies by boasting a strong female presence, which brings its own unique dynamics to projects. Sometimes your business just needs that feminine touch.


Angel instils a work ethic and allegiance into her team that can’t be reproduced in a conventional office setting. She mentors her talented graduates, who she calls ‘creative unicorns’, through their first steps in their careers, and teaches them to think outside the box. We’re all growing together and we’re all equally invested in every project. Angel doesn’t see her wisdom as the source of Restive Creatives’ success; what gives Restive Creatives its signature attitude is its team of committed ‘unicorns’.



Angel’s happy place is working on your next campaign. Outside of that, she spends her time behind the wheel of a race car, free diving across the globe’s oceans, and sparing the occasional hour to fight wizards online.

Kiki Alexander

“aka ‘Tech Gandalf”

“If you define the problem correctly, you almost have the solution.” – Steve Jobs

Kiki is your typical tech-head, but with the people skills to match. He embraces digital technology like it was his firstborn, and he’s turned his natural curiosity for all things technology into an impressive creative career. His unrivalled mix of media production, web design, and digital UX know-how is a big part of what gives Restive Creatives the winning edge. A 2008 Cannes Lion Platinum Award and a 2012 Mumbrella Award are just some of his many standout achievements to date.


Kiki joined Restive Creatives in early 2019 as a Co-Founder. He wanted to leave his mark on the industry after working in Advertising and the digital industry for more than 16 years. Restive Creatives is the perfect place for him to bring his creative vision to life without restrictions or cultural barriers. He’s also able to pass on his knowledge and skillset to a driven and passionate creative team. Ultimately, it’s RC who’s helped him impress clients with the standout campaigns that have made RC the new go-to creative agency in the industry.



When Kiki has had enough of talking tech for the day, he’s most likely adding another gadget to his extensive collection, hitting the slopes on his snowboard or hiking in remote corners of the globe. He’s ticked off Canada and Japan, and he’s currently looking for tips to conquering the Swiss Alps.


We’ve been told how
our clients REALLY feel.


Richard Brownlow

“The team at RC have gone further and have worked harder to understand my product and business, the market I am in, and my customer base, than any other agency I have ever dealt with. I highly recommend Restive Creatives and greatly value our ongoing working relationship.”


Luke Hampshire

“Cindy and the whole RC team are incredible. They’re able to take a very high level brief and deliver perfection time after time. At Airly we have seen immediate return on our investment and I’m so thrilled to commit long-term with the crew. It’s really like having your own in-house creative team.”

Trigger Group

Callum Seadon

"Angel and the rest of her team have been an absolute hero of an organisation to work with. Angel and the team work in partnership and truly embed themselves in your culture to understand and deliver your key digital brand messages. They're a 10/10 and I'd recommend them to anyone wanting a boutique, hands-on approach!"

Masci Group

Daniel Masci

"From the outset, Angel and the team were super motivated and super energetic. There were never any problems and the team created something truly amazing that we absolutely love. Amazing team and leadership!"


Stuart Oliver

"We have recently started working with Angel and the Restive team. Angel is an experienced creative strategist and team leader, and her team are super smart, reliable, hard-working, and extremely efficient. We are impressed with how quickly they have integrated with our business, and they truly understand our future goals and brand aspirations.
We are seeing some impressive work and results in a very short time from defining our digital and social strategy, executing across our channels and enhancing our brand identity, as well as delivering video production and content. We are thankful for our partnership with Angel and RC - they are a critical extension of our business!"

Trigger Connect

Pralabh Gupta

"Working with Angel and her team has been an amazing experience for Trigger Group! We continuously get positive feedback from partners, clients, and staff on how edgy our website looks, and we look forward to growing our partnership with Restive.
Angel is highly responsive and always delivers a high quality of work. She and her team go above and beyond delivering what's needed, with rapid speed. She's also a great sounding board!"

Indomie Australia

William Ho

“Cindy and her team are very passionate about what they do and the products/brands they work with. They can transform a simple product into a next-level kind of product, through their creativity. The team is very talented and we love the result/video they have produced for Indomie Australia! Will definitely have them onboard for other projects.”


Victoria Fox

“The team at RC have gone further and have worked harder to understand my product and business, the market I am in, and my customer base, than any other agency I have ever dealt with. I highly recommend Restive Creatives and greatly value our ongoing working relationship.”

The Motion Mechanic

Trang Cess Nguyen

“I have worked with Cindy and the RC team for multiple projects, including a website makeover and event marketing for a seminar. RC goes above and beyond with customer service and quality. Would recommend them for anyone who wants to take their creative projects to the next level!”

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