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Photo and Video Production


Airly’s founders approached RC when they decided it was time to transition generic stock photos to an exclusive content style. Their social media content wasn’t cohesive or consistent with their branding. It was difficult to easily identify exactly the type of service and experience that Airly provides – driving away potential customers.


RC needed to identify Airly’s brand and establish a carefully tailored style guide. Our goal was to equip them with visual content to elevate their social media profile to a level of excellence equivalent to their business offering, and help them stand out from their competitors.


RC wanted to truly understand Airly’s brand and build a carefully tailored and detailed style guide. Our goal was to equip them with visual content that elevated their social media profile. Their social media had to be as well-crafted and meticulous as the rest of their business and help them stand out from their competitors.


RC successfully produced photography content for Airly’s social media platforms that gave viewers an insight into the company, and what they do. Membership increased by 300% after we published our fourth video for Airly. The photos, which embody the experience of flying with Airly, are consistent with their branding and evoke a sense of exclusivity and luxury.

From Airly

Cindy and the whole RC team are incredible. They’re able to take a very high level brief and deliver perfection time after time. At Airly we have seen immediate return on our investment and I’m so thrilled to commit long-term with the crew. It’s really like having your own in-house creative team.

-Luke Hampshire, Co-founder of Airly

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