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Amplify is an exclusive network comprised of Australia’s most elite and passionate leaders, technologists, and innovators who are committed to helping businesses grow and thrive. They specialise in the deployment of high-performance teams from their evergrowing community of on-demand consulting talent, to uplift customer capabilities and deliver on strategic technology initiatives. Their recipe for success is simple, lean, and reliable. They recognise the very best IP lives in the individual, not the organisation. When you put the right person on a project, magic happens.


1. Business scale-up: most of Amplify’s business came from the founders’ personal network, trusted relationships, and word-of-mouth from past clients. In order to scale up, the company needed to find opportunities beyond its existing network.

2. Talent acquisition: Most consultants also came from the founders’ existing network. Amplify wanted to bring in top consultants but had not received many enquiries. Additionally, the consultant profile images used on the company’s website and on social media had a relatively casual tone for a professional service company.

3. Social media planning: Amplify had a presence on most popular social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube). However, the company was only posting on an ad hoc basis. It was also important to tailor content to each platform so as to better target their audience.

4. A lack of a legitimate and professional online presence. This was undermining the company’s values, especially when Amplify was positioning itself as an elite network of technologists.


We ran a CX Journey Workshop with Amplify and found they had 2 major customer personas. There were enterprise-level clients, as well as potential collective members therefore we developed content strategies for both. We also learnt that tech enthusiasts derive much of their self-esteem from their knowledge and mental acuity. As a result, we posted educational content, as well as polls and questions around intriguing topics to engage their audience on social media.

We started using their social media platforms to allow their community to share their opinions and voices on trending topics in their industries. We also found that many technologists are not really active on mainstream social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, but instead socialise on GitHub, Slack or Reddit. Therefore, we took this opportunity to share content on those platforms.

We do not post social content for the sake of it – instead, we go where the client’s target audiences can be found.

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