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Healing By J


Social Media Management and Influencer Campaign


Healing By J is a Melbourne-based beauty and wellness clinic that specialises in Korean skincare and treatments. It is your one-stop shop for a full body transformation, from head to toe. They use traditional Korean methods as well as advanced technology.


Social media is one of the most effective channels for the beauty industry. Without having someone to look after their Instagram account, Healing By J was at a disadvantage due to their messy feed and unappealing content that created an inconsistent brand image.


To elevate Healing By J’s branding, we curated and designed social media grids before scheduling, which ensures that the feed has a consistent theme and the content is visually appealing. To promote Healing By J’s online presence, we have offered a personalised community management service. As part of the growth plan, we have also involved social media influencers with a massive following of the relevant target audience, to quickly gain traction and build trust.


Along with redesigning the website and brochures, the overall brand image and online presence have become much stronger. With the successful engagement of 20 – 30 carefully selected influencers, Healing By J has received an influx of enquiries which have translated into sales and a loyal clientele. The clinic has seen an 88% increase in business from when we started. Healing by J now sits at the apex of Melbourne’s Korean beauty salons, which has had the knock-on effect of multiple competitor skincare boutiques replicating our social media strategies.


Healing by J



From Healing By J

I went on a 3-month trial and as soon as it finished I purchased a 1-year contract straightaway! They’ve been working on what I want and know how to achieve things in a unique way. In just 3 months, they were able to target a specific clientele. Now their idea has taken off in my area and everyone’s copying Healing By J. Amazing Creatives!

– Jane Kim – Director of Healing By Jane

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