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Healthsite are an online services company dedicated to providing quality innovative digital technology products to the Healthcare Industry. When clinics choose Healthsite, they are not just buying a digital product, they are buying a better patient experience – a better version of their clinic.  Healthsite’s products follow the patient journey from searching and finding a practitioner, through to clinical follow-ups and post-consultation reminders. There are a total of 14 patient interactions or touchpoints throughout this journey and they have created a unique user experience with each and every touchpoint via their digital products.


Healthsite had multiple propositions and a growing product range, leading to confusion on how to deliver their key messages and value propositions to their customers. They also found it difficult to compete with digital solution providers serving the same target market.


We leaned on the elements of “trust” and the stories of “real people listening to your problems and frustrations, to truly understand what you need”. By publishing posts about the founders and the team behind Healthsite, we gave the audience peace of mind that their medical records and data are handled with integrity, by humans. We also took a community-building approach to social media, by not only engaging with the key decision-makers in the clinic (the practice managers) but also with the nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers, by reaching out and asking them to share inspirational stories. Finally, we positioned Healthsite as an expert using a variety of educational posts.


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