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Video Production


No household name is more synonymous with Mi Goreng around the globe than flavoured noodle giant Indomie. They were looking to demonstrate the wonders of instant noodles to Australians.


As makers of instant noodles, Indomie wanted to introduce a hugely popular Indonesian dish to a broader market. RC was approached to help go beyond the uni student demographic, and target everyday Australians who weren’t familiar with the product or the numerous ways to cook with it.


We wanted to provide consumers with a solution by introducing them to Indomie, without intimidating them. We showcased classic home-cooked food, with an Indomie twist. We made it simple and accessible by adopting a relatable tone and conveyed the information in the form of a story.


After thorough planning and collaboration, RC was able to work with one of Australian’s top reality TV stars, Patrick from Married at First Sight. Patrick is the perfect average Joe that every Australian can relate to. Following the video, there was a 5x sales increase in restaurants incorporating Indomie in their menu. Indomie were also able to successfully run their ‘Indomie Waroeng’ restaurant in Melbourne’s CBD; a first for the company.

From Indomie

“Cindy and her team are very passionate about their work and the product/ brand they work with. They can transform a simple product to the next level kind of product through their creativity. The team is very talented and we love the result/video they have produced for Indomie Australia! Will definitely have them onboard for other projects.”

-William Ho, General Manager of Indomie Australia

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