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Love Athletica


Video and Photography Production


When your industry is faced with an identity crisis, it’s up to the innovators to update the industry’s image. Tapping into younger audiences demands a fresh perspective. We stepped in to implement a comprehensive strategy to present a fresh spin on one of the most popular exercise formats of the past 50 years.


Love Athletica knew that they needed a brand overhaul to communicate the benefits of Pilates at a time when health and wellness are at peak popularity amongst a younger market. As Camberwell’s up-and-coming Pilates studio, they needed to showcase a youthful spirit, and leave behind any connotations of an exercise reserved exclusively for older generations. Love Athletica separates themselves from their counterparts by boasting a team of thoughtful and highly-educated instructors. They also promote innovative approaches like core-blasting Pilates.


All these features make them alluring to fitness-savvy consumers, so these guided our design. We put together original conceptual templates for promotional marketing purposes to be used on an ongoing basis. Our work reflected their desire to distinguish themselves from an outdated image, an effort that was rewarded with higher member conversion rates and genuine, meaningful engagement.


Creating social media content that aligned with Love Athletica’s brand image, accompanied by a uniform style guide for cross channel distribution, afforded the brand the means to introduce their passion into people’s daily lives virtually. Our design influence carried through to their studio space where the transition became physical. Their studio space completes the customer journey, allowing them to plant their flag as pillars of the community and bastions of the Pilates industry.

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