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Masci Group is a long-established business run by brothers Marc and Daniel. They specialise in property development and construction. There are four subsidiary companies operating under the Masci Group, so it was vital that they developed a clear and intuitive brand architecture. The group has a firm grasp on the residential and commercial property world, combining their family knowledge with extensive experience working across all sectors of construction. What sets them apart is their passion for partnership, mentorship, and the ability to turn other businesses into household names. Masci Group had previously completed a Brand Identity Workshop with us. They then chose to work with us for a website revamp and development project, and we were thrilled to partner with them once more.


As we learned through their brand identity workshop, the founders were determined to lay the foundations of their legacy. They wanted to elevate Masci Group to an international level, over the next few years. They were driven by helping others and achieving rapid growth, but they were finding translating this vision into compelling website messaging challenging.


Brand personalities don’t possess tangible characteristics. We understand the complexities that occur when attempting to present a brand’s identity through solid design. We did some Stylescape mood board exercises to help the founders identify which mood board most resonated with them and their vision. A step-by-step approach allowed us to meticulously cover each detail.


Following a few revision loops with the UX and UI team, RC proposed a theme that mimicked the DNA cell structure; a symbol of growth. A full custom animation powerfully conveyed Masci Group’s vision and ensured complete alignment with the website. RC conducted a user experience audit to assess overall satisfaction and ease of use. We also ensured the website’s back-end was structured in a way that would accommodate future growth without the need for additional revamping.

From Masci Group


“From the outset, Angel and the team were super motivated and super energetic. There were never any problems and the team created something truly amazing that we absolutely love. Amazing team and leadership!”

Daniel Masci, Masci Group

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