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Miss Fox


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Miss Fox is all about self-care. Having won “WORLD’S BEST SALON AWARD 2018” in the “WORLD SPA AWARDS”, this premium company was struggling to locate a creative agency that aligned with their vision. They wanted to capture their elegance, sense of luxury, and reputation. That’s where RC came in.


Victoria, the director of Miss Fox, expressed that she wasn’t able to find any production company with the right sense of elegance to represent her award-winning luxury spa in Melbourne. Miss Fox is a full service spa. They provide head-to-toe treatments with high-class customer service. It was imperative this was captured in the video. It was an interesting challenge – exactly what RC thrives on. Miss Fox wanted us to produce a video that was able to capture all that was on offer, as well as encapsulating Miss Fox’s values.


We decided to create one main video detailing the whole customer journey of receiving the Miss Fox treatment, from start to finish. RC then created multiple mini videos that would assist in smaller marketing attempts on social media, such as 30-second or 1-minute clips on Instagram, for ads or organic content. Each clip was taken from the main video, representing each segment of the Miss Fox process. We also helped Miss Fox to visually enhance their premises, offered additional ideas for prompts, and assisted them in locating suitable models.


Our videos helped increase Miss Fox’s clientele and Miss Fox submitted RC’s videos to the World Spa Awards.

From Miss Fox

It was enjoyable to work with such a creative team who clearly love what they do. Nothing was too hard or too outrageous. The video speaks for itself; just beautiful. I highly recommend working with this business – you will take away a moving piece of art that you can treasure forever.”


-Victoria Fox, Founder of MISS FOX

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