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Raw Essentials Tea


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Australian-owned tea brand Raw Essentials Tea promotes health and wellness. The teas are packed with high quality natural ingredients that heal, renourish, and restore a sense of calm. Founder Janet Roach started the company with her son Jake, following his recovery from serious burns he received in a fire, in 2011. He felt more energetic after drinkin


The brand was inseparable from its founder, Janet Roach. She was the focal point of their success and on social media platforms, only posts featuring Janet and Jake performed well. Posts purely displaying products, their benefits, and brand values suffered. Most of the content was brand-generated and lacked authenticity and credibility.


We cleaned up their social media presence and reached out to influencers to promote their new products to wider audiences.


By finding their market positioning and identifying their SWOT in the tea industry we laid the foundations for a successful social media strategy. This strategy is heavily focused on social responsibility; The Roach Foundation has been promoted in tow with the story behind Raw Essentials Tea. We have also supported communities via the Health Hero Campaign (by sending tea to frontline healthcare workers), as well as LGBTQ foundations, during Pride Month.


These have been implemented alongside combined giveaways, a 7-day Tea Tox Challenge campaign, and a focus on user-generated content.


A human touch was added to Raw Essentials Tea’s social media feed, projecting a more relatable, sincere brand. Influencers and their followers sent in positive feedback on the taste and health benefits of the tea, prompting a buzz around the product rather than Janet’s appeal alone. Their followers and level of engagement have constantly increased at a gradual rate.  International brand awareness was also amplified; within 2 months, they recorded the best performance results and increased their website conversion and traffic by almost 200%.

Raw Essentials Tea Janet Roach
Raw Essentials Tea Janet Roach

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