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Connecting Your Business With Better Results

Trigger Connect were formed in response to a universal need amongst business owners. TC helps businesses leverage the best technology so that they can take care of their staff and customers while delivering world-class customer experiences. TC serves a pretty straightforward purpose – connecting businesses with a stellar selection of products and services designed specifically with business owners’ current interests in mind. Whether it is about wanting to review their current business, embarking on a new venture or relocating an existing one, TC are able to help businesses navigate their next move, and they provide access to some exceptional products and services along the way.


Trigger Connect were a newly-launched business in an increasingly saturated market, so they needed to find a way to cut through the noise and get their message heard. Their target market (business owners in the hospitality and retail sectors) had already been bombarded with a lot of sales/marketing messages from industry vendors, so they needed a different strategy to attract their attention, engage with them, and build trusted relationships. Moving forward, they wanted to build a community – using social media platforms as a social tool rather than a selling machine.


“If you truly understand people’s problems, they will automatically believe that you have a solution for them.” This is why we focused on the problems that Trigger Connect solved, when publishing content on social media. We used hypothetical situations and statistics to get the audience thinking about the struggles they are facing in their everyday lives running a business, and communicated how technology could enhance their business and open up opportunities. Direct messages were a great way to reach out and have conversations with business owners. We encouraged businesses to share their stories, day-to-day problems, and lessons learnt through the pandemic. It was all about them and supporting local businesses. We also provided educational content specific to their different business verticals.

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