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Trigger Group Social Media Brand Management


Social Media Brand Management

Triggering Rapid Business Growth

Trigger Group are a global company with a presence in Australia, Canada, and the USA. They get out of bed to power rapid, high-volume growth for vibrant businesses, using the best people and strategies. They are a sales partnering business that stands out by putting staff on the ground to provide feedback on products in real-time. Their tried and tested approach to business expansion propels the best version of products into the hands of more customers. Their team oversees end-to-end sales execution, revises current processes, and employs a hybrid approach through their full suite of cutting-edge omnichannel solutions.


TG were experiencing a brand identity crisis. When a brand is having an identity crisis, the company and its leadership struggle to define who they are and what they do. A business with an unclear persona and goals may be seen as untrustworthy and will therefore struggle to grow. Their aim was to use social media as a way to elicit enquiries however, their social media had no original content; they mostly shared articles from other websites and used stock images. Because traditional sales companies are often given a negative reputation they wanted to articulate their brand proposition compellingly and set themselves apart from a typical sales company. ‘Sales’ is not a dirty word; it has merely got a bad reputation through poor execution.


We analysed Trigger Group’s identity and established clear and consistent branding to identify their market positioning, as well as creating clear messaging that resonates with potential employees and clients. We were flexible in our messaging and we focussed on the team culture and people elements as they are the driving force behind sales (typical sales companies are usually associated with money and numbers, but with Trigger Group sales = service, and good service needs good people). Our social media outreach activities were also altered accordingly to support their recruitment goals in each sector.

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