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Great ideas do not turn into reality by following the status quo. UpSure is built for company founders, by company founders. The founders are Andrew Birt and Matt Almond. Andrew was the founder of LIFX, which was acquired in 2019, while Matt was the National Underwriting Manager for High Street Underwriting Agency.  UpSure supply insurance for technology, software, and other innovative companies so that entrepreneurs are not afraid to take risks.  They know the challenges of getting insured, especially when a business is not similar to anything people have seen before. They have been in the exact same position and they know what businesses need to get up and running. They want to help people change the world – think of them as part of the team.  Getting insurance for your next great idea should not be a challenge. If you are looking to make your mark on your industry, then make UpSure your first port of call for all things insurance.


UpSure had put a lot of effort into their website but their social media presence did not mirror their website’s image. Positioning themselves as the best online insurance company in Australia, UpSure wanted to elevate their social media presence to match the expertise of their founders, Andrew Birt and Matt Almond, and establish a regular social media posting schedule that was polished, as well as reflecting the founders’ expertise and standing in the business world.


We leaned heavily on the “trust” and “expertise” elements, focusing on building brand trust via content regarding Matt and Andrew’s credentials, and painting them as industry experts in tech start-ups and insurance companies. We used real stories together with hypothetical situations and thought-provoking questions to encourage their audience to participate in discussions. We wanted them to reflect and realise how having a good insurance partner could have helped their business in 2020, and how going forward, insurance helps them be secure.

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